About Us

We are a team of Advocates, practicing at the Courts of Bhubaneswar and High Court of Odisha at, Cuttack, who are dedicated towards the social welfare of the society and for this reason the website has been created to improve the general awareness regarding the function of Judiciary system. The Purpose of the Website is purely informative and Pro-bono. It is an effort for people seeking Judiciary help to gather a Preliminary Knowledge about the relief they can seek from the Judiciary System at the same times to clear the Myths and Perception about Judiciary System....Indian Judiciary System is designed in such a manner that it makes it an Independent Body having the Power to Question the Administrative as well as the Legislative System. No matter what the Post and Position of the Person, or Regardless of his Social and Financial Status, Regardless of his Influence in the Society, all Persons are Treated Equally in the Eyes of Law. It is a prevalent Myth that Legal Matters are Lengthy, Costly and Tiresome and under this Perception many either waive off their legal rights or sustain injury and loss rather seek help from judiciary system. Since many decades the Judiciary System as well as the Indian Legislative has put in efforts for speedy disposal of matters and for this reason Specialized Courts have been established Like the Family Court, Labor Court, Consumer Court and many others. Instead Seeking Legal Intervention in each and every matter, the Judiciary System have been encouraging Arbitration and Mediation, and have made them legal and binding on the parties. Apart from personal problems the judiciary has also provided right to people to raise social issues by Public Interest Litigations.

The Judiciary System in its duty bound has been protecting each and every citizen’s civic as well as fundamental rights. Trust the Judiciary System and always keep good faith in it. Lawyers, Advocates, Attorney in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack have always be providing legal advice for the benefits of the people at large and have been involved in social development activities. In Odisha, Lawyers / Advocates have participated overwhelming in pro bono legal activities.

IGNORANCE OF LAW IS NOT A DEFENCE- No Person Can Take A Plea Of Defence That He / She Was Unaware Of The Provisions Of Law.

Law is so arranged so that there would be no inconsistency and overlapping of provisions of law. Time and again the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa as well as the Hon’ble Supreme Court has interpreted the provisions of law and their applicability. The law ensures fair justice by enforcing the Rights and Liabilities of the people. The Courts enjoys the Provision of Inherent Power to deal with circumstance where there is ambiguity over the applicability of law, and thus applying the principles of natural justice and equity, take appropriate course to meet the end of justice.